The invention of distillation

People began to manufacture beer and wine already 4000 years BC. But the first steps to distilled spirits have been made 2000 years ago in ancient Arabia. Although it is possible that different people have come to this discovery independently at different times.


Elixir of Eternal Youth

The technology of distillation was used by sorcerers and charmers to create medical elixirs. Alchemists and monks using this drink tried to find Elixir of eternal youth and Elixir of Life.



The invention of spirits

In the course of time the Arabs began to use distillation product of spirits (not strong - beer, wine) orally. This way alcohol was invented. The vocabulary, used to describe the distillation process, has the Arabic roots. The word alcohol has the Arabic article "al" and the root "kohl", which can be translated as "beauty".

Drinks for the elite

The first spirits was served exclusively in the palaces of emperors. Only rich people could enjoy this expensive drink.

Keeping traditions in our time

The technology, which was created by founders of the distillation in ancient Arabia 2000 years BC, used in the production of aristocratic vodka Weinberg. The technological process of the production of this drink is unique, long and complicated, because Weinberg Destilate Manufactury used special antique equipment - such equipment was used in ancient Alexandria.

Manual production

Vodka Weinberg is exclusive product and it is limited strictly. Each stage of production - from gathering fruit till filling the bottles - is done manually. Completely manual production does not allow producing in large amount. Limited amount of bottles is produced; each bottle is unique work of distillation.

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