Weinberg Distillate Manufactory was founded in 2009 in Cēsis, a beautiful centuries-old city of Northern Latvia. Now here are produced world-class distillates: vodka. Only natural and real fruit and berries are used in the production.  Nothing is artificial or industrialized here. Conscientious handiwork, natural fruit and individual approach to every bottle of beverage ensures high quality of each beverage droplet produced. Weinberg Distillate Manufactory holds to the philosophy that every bottle manufactured is like a separate piece of art as the production of high quality alcoholic beverages is the creation of art.

Special antique distillation apparatus are used for distillation in the manufactory. Just like that used in ancient Alexandria. The technology used in beverage production here is the same that had been used by the founders of distillation in ancient Arabia 2000 years ago. This mysterious art of beverage creation has gone through hundreds of years. In Middle Ages it was used in cloisters to create curative elixirs. Practitioners of alchemy and monks had been pursuing elixirs of Eternal Youth and Eternal Life by applying the same technology. In the European royal households and castles this technology was used to create the beverages for the elite or “the chosen ones”. Nowadays the art of beverage creation is again revived and it keeps going at Weinberg Distillate Manufactory. Who knows, maybe the elixirs of Eternal Youth and Eternal Life are accidentally discovered and already bottled at Weinberg Distillate Manufactory? But we ensure that at least there is world-class vodka in every bottle.

What makes the distillates of Weinberg Distillate Manufactory different from other producers' products?

Weinberg Distillate Manufactory uses a hundred-year-old technology by which the fusel-oils are separated from distillates so that they do not bring bitter or spicy flavor to spirits and do not cause headaches after their consumption. Weinberg’s distillates have the edge over other products for pureness and mildness. They are produced from natural and real fruit and berries. No colorings or flavorings at all are added during the manufacturing. Water is not added mechanically by the help of centrifuge, but instead the distillates are let settle for weeks while their special flavors and aromas disentangle.

SIA "Weinbergs"
1 Tirgoņu Street, Cēsis
LV-4101, Latvia

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E-mail: info@weinbergs.lv

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